This “friend” invited me out, but I just came back from dinner with a friend. We had spicy Caribbean food. 


So I quit my other job, because I couldn’t handle averaging around 4 hours of sleep during the week. My wakeup call came through when I gave this old women the wrong information for her health insurance, and could have really messed her up for the year. Can’t be fucking up these people’s health insurance.

you’re above all of it i hate pettiness at the workplace it’s so tacky

Oh honey you know it, at least for this place because its very official. Big whigs just keep on coming in, and I definitely don’t have the time for them to even think about associating me with them birds. Shit im trying to get that corporate sugar daddy and get the come up at my job. ¿Me sientes o nah?


¿me sientes




OO but on a more uplifting note I received this message after work


Someone is running a personal smear campaign against me at my job, and lucky for me one of my trainers sees it for what it is, so I should be fine. “These bitches up in here is trying to get you out. Better watch out, because you got some haters up in this motherfucker.”

That’s really why I haven’t been talking to anyone lately. I get mentally drained by the end of the day, because its hard to be constantly on your A game, when really you want to pull a girl to the side and ask her whats really good. 

Lets talk about how my mother desecrated Celine Dion’s name by calling her iconic single, ‘Its All Coming Back to Me’ christian rock music that conservatives listen to in hopes that it would make them edgy.

Never in my life have I been so offended. I almost exchanged some cross words with her in that damn car, but then I remembered the hierarchy of a family. 

Mum is balancing a chicken wing in one hand hand and the steering wheel in the other. Just getting greese all over her.

"I don’t care, the gays will still love me and ask me where I go my chicken from"

"Well you know I love my gays, David. They’re like old people. They go out, have a ball, and then come back home safe. No fights, no gunshots. Maybe some words tossed out, but that’s about it. Such fun people, my gays."
My mother. 

Somehow I lost 50 bucks of my mum’s money. 

Y’all think I’m playing, but there was a time when my little cousins were trying to scare their siblings by saying Candyman in the mirror and got sent home because I wanted to keep that bad joojoo at their house. 


"What’s wrong Shar?"

"Marquese said Candyman in the mirror."

"Y’all ready to go to bed, lets take y’all home."

"But I didn’t ask to go ho—"

"Lets take y’all home. Tell them to get their shoes on."