Can someone please explain to me what’s so great about the Beatles, lmao?

#i’ve heard quite a few of their songs  #they are just too hyped up for me lol

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    Lol the Beatles stole half their music and style from other lesser known (mostly black) artists anyway so what the hell...
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    Don’t nobody got to like they weak asses like that anyway. Cute for you for hopping on them dicks like that.
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    Why do ppl always have to get butt hurt because some people (((((me))))) think the Beatles fucking suck okay get the...
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    I’ve heard there stuff, and while I appreciate their talent and their influence, I don’t really like them all that much...
  9. insideofcl0uds said: they are so overrated
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    But who else matters beside my Mediocre Pop Goddess Cheryl Cole?
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    The three members of the band who wrote songs are three of the greatest songwriters in history. Paul McCartney was...
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    I don’t know, their WHOLE catalog? Like ALL of Abbey Road and Help! Yellow Submarine and The Beatles. That most of the...
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    Young queers make me sad. If it’s not Demi Lovato or Cheryl Cole, they don’t care. Whatever.
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  20. galaxyofwitches said: they only have one or two good songs, idk why the majority think they’re the greatest band on earth lol
  21. missclarabow said: ……………………………….lol
  22. formerlycchatsworth said: white boyz
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    Righttttt Like I get it but they don’t need all that fever.
  24. westendblues said: They can’t sing, they imitate black folk and they were hideous #0appeal
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  27. basednkrumah said: You don’t like: Come Together, Yesterday, I Want You(she’s so heavy), Here Comes the Sun, Hey Jude, etc? I mean yeah they’re overhyped but I like them.
  28. aestheticsmaxima said: idgi either. how do people think they’re the best band ever?
  29. tinyspacebabe said: omg I KNOW
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