No someone without a blog sent it to me. I don’t know how to work mobile so, I probably did something that erased their credit I don’t know

kim k app cheat

i own a Samsung tablet and it worked for me :) :)

Girl tell me why my second job thought it was cute to give me 34 hrs of work knowing i have a full time job. Like I would like a life.

I had to check a girl today at work. Didn’t mean to do that since I’m trying to gain as many allies as possible, but with me still recovering from a cold I’m extremely short tempered.

Like, she completely changed her tune and made an excuse to why she didn’t hear me the first time.

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Remember, Craigslist is not like a bar.

Im going to fight you i swear to god

You know when I asked the lord for someone around my age, instead of someone 2 decades older than me I didn’t think she would have games and have these boys hit me up looking like they freshman in high school.



I wanna know why my Asian mutuals never want to talk about the inherent anti-blackness in East Asian media and beauty standards lol

Like honestly lmao care to share? Why we are a huge running joke in japanese and korean pop culture? Why black people aren’t allowed in some clubs, bars and restauarants literally because they’re black? How about the gentrification of hip-hop culture and the clothing, music, lifestyle, and general attitude associated with being “black”? Why is blackface an actual STAPLE on mainstream news sources? Why are there actual tv shows DEDICATED to making fun of black people and wearing big red lips, afro wigs & blackface? Care2Share? I know you all see this but yall silent now huh lmao

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omg me too i was gonna get an iphone but my dad got me a samsung s3 n im so glad tbh and i had a mb pro but i got drunk and vomitted on it & it broke so i got a chromebook & i love it tbh lmao like im over my apple everything phase

Sis this story though…

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Why didn’t you tell me you remade!?!